February saw our return from India: we had witnessed, experienced and been moved so much, having immersed ourselves in this very different world. We soaked up the intensity of the colours, which covered over even the most disturbing or difficult sights like a magic cloak. I am still carrying the brilliance of these magnificent colours inside. Due to our long journey, the weekend courses in my studio in the Sternstrasse 32 in Münster will take place in 2019 only on the 22nd to 23rd March and on the 12th to 13th April. After that I will be travelling to Italy for the summer – to paint. The first autumn weekend course will be from the 11th to 12th October. Any further dates are anybody’s guess. I hope that you can be patient and stay with me just the same. I am looking forward to seeing you and especially to your enthusiasm for water-colours. I will be holding several classes in two Free Art Academies in 2019. In the Free Art Academy in Gerlingen from 5th to 7th April and 3rd to 6th October. In the ‚Kunstfabrik Hannover‘ there will be a course from 15th to 18th April. In 2019 there will likely be another intensive week of painting at Lake Bolsena (Central Italy, Lizium) from 6th to 13th July (if the construction of a small outdoor pool doesn’t upset our plans! There will be a final decision by the end of April.) We will spend our days painting in the medieval towns around the lake, enjoying sunshine and colours and the unique delights of this unspoiled landscape with its historical and culinary highlights. If you are interested please get in touch by mail (…) or by phone (…). For further details of the current courses, see „Courses“ below.  
Watercolor Weekend-Workshop  Atelier Schmimo

Watercolor Weekend-Workshop Studio Schmimo Sternstr.32 Münster

05. - 7.04.2019
Free Art Academy Gerlingen

15. - 18.04.2019
Kunstfabrik Hannover

6. -13. July 2019
Intensive week of painting at Bolsena See more information below 

Free Art Academy Gerlingen

Watercolor Weekend-Workshop Studio Schmimo
  • Weekend painting courses in my studio

    Weekend painting courses in my studio
    On weekend courses we work together in my studio: intensive studies with varying content and focus. We paint everyday objects such as vegetables, fruit, flowers, still life and on request people too, portraits i.e. caricatures.
    The small number of participants ensures that I can work closely with each individual and can cater for any personal preferences as to choice of subjects, specific questions and any problems with technique. Both beginners and ‘experts’ are therefore very welcome – the varying degrees of aptitude can even be of advantage, especially when it comes to comparing results.
    We start on Fridays at 4pm in the Sternstrasse 32, through the courtyard at the back of the building, up metal stairs to the first floor. We work till 8pm and can leave everything behind till the next morning. We start painting again at 10am, and take a break at 2pm (for a short walk to have lunch at Peperoni, or to have a snooze) through then till 6pm. Our stamina and energy is kept up by a small buffet with finger-food (Cheese, bread, fruit and cake). Water, fruit juice and a little wine keep us going.
    Please bring the painting materials you use at home: watercolour paint-box or tubes, suitable watercolour brushes (synthetic is fine) with fine tips. If you like, you can bring thicker ones (16, 18, 20…) and maybe a fine brush for details.
    Paper: we will work on several compositions simultaneously, so you will need 2 to 3 blocks (300g) in various sizes. See what you have at home. The smallest should be Din A4, larger would be better! You can of course bring single sheets (minimum 300g). (I, for example, prefer Fabriano 350g paper, 50% cotton.)
    Paint cloths are also important – maybe an old t-shirt which can be torn into 2 large and 2 small cloths (sleeves).
    As subjects we can choose everyday items such as feathers, fruit, vegetables, flowers, pencils, shoes, books etc. If you want to bring along something, that’s fine. I do have plenty to choose from in the studio.
    Together we’ll begin a fascinating short holiday and can immerse ourselves in a world of brilliant flowing colours.

  • freie Kunstakademie Gerlingen Kurse Schmimo

    Kurse Schmimo 2018 und 2019

    Mit der freien Kunstakademie in Gerlingen bei Stuttgart arbeite ich seit vielen Jahren intensiv zusammen. Die Kurse finden in einem ehemaligen Fabrikgebäude statt, in großen Räumen mit belebender Arbeitsatmosphäre. Die Organisation ist super und die liebevolle Versorgung nicht zu toppen. Ein Ort intensiven künstlerischen Schaffens.

  • A week of watercolour painting on Lake Bolsena, South Toskana, 06.-13.07. 2019

    A week of watercolour painting on Lake Bolsena, accommodation in the beautiful Casa Arcadia high above the lake, or in the Agriturismo Pomele (200m away) – and 5 painting excursions to small Italian villages. Che paradiso!!
    On our first day we practise the 4 basic watercolour techniques: glaze, wash, watercolour sketching and (*emission?), using subjects such as feathers, vegetables or details in the house – whatever we fancy. We try out, experiment and test interesting compositions which make for good paintings. On our 2nd day we take a trip to the small medieval villages nearby and start gradually with small motifs. Watercolour easels are available for all participants. My individual support is keyed to the needs of each participant. Beginners are welcome as well as more advanced learners. For additional support we work with my book, “Schmimo – Watercolour Inspirations”, published Feb. 2013.
    You will be staying in the ‘Casa Arcadia’, a large, very individually furnished country house with a superb panoramic view over Lake Bolsena. Alternatively there is the Agriturismo Pomele, about 200m away, offering tastefully furnished holiday flats and a fantastic pool with a view of the lake.
    For 6 days we’ll be painting for about 4 to 5 hours, mainly in the mornings, so that we have plenty of time for reading, swimming, exploring or simply doing nothing. The surroundings are heavenly, full of ancient history as well as culinary delights. The lake is ideal for swimming and relaxing.
    Food and Drink
    We start the day with a hearty breakfast, taken in front of the house with a view over the lake: lunch is a picnic salad on location and in the evening we indulge ourselves in one of the simple restaurants on the lakeside.
    Our ‘art house’ is situated in North Lizium, between Siena and Rome. The nearest small town, about 3 km from the house, is San Lorenzo Nuovo (VT). The location on a hillside in an olive grove means we have a beautiful view of the lake 2 km away. Each participant makes his/her own way there, either at their leisure by car, or by train or plane. You can of course hire a car at the airport or directly at the train station in Orvieto.
    Accomodation including breakfast and picnic lunch costs €280 p.p. in a double room, €420 for a single room, or single use of a double room €470. The course costs €620 and requires a minimum of 4 participants up to a maximum of 10.
    More information on request at, or call 0251 81770, or mobile number 0049 176 83453615.
    A deposit of €100 is required on reservation.

  • Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

    Anmeldungen zu den Workshops:
    Die Anmeldung sollte schriftlich per Mail erfolgen.

    Abmeldungen werden ausschließlich in schriftlicher Form (per e-mail) angenommen. Es besteht eine Kündigungsfrist von 7 Tagen. Bei später erfolgten Abmeldungen oder bei Nichterscheinen zu Kursbeginn ohne vorherige Abmeldung muss der Betrag bezahlt werden.

    Anmeldungen zu den Malferien:
    Die Anmeldung muss schriftlich per Mail erfolgen. Damit ist die Teilnahme verbindlich für Sie gebucht. Der Kurs findet ab 4 Personen statt, max. 10 Personen. Bei mehr als 10 Anmeldungen wird eine Warteliste aufgestellt oder ein zweiter Termin angeboten.

    Abmeldungen werden ausschließlich in schriftlicher Form (per e-mail oder Post) angenommen. Bei einer Kündigung innerhalb 28 – 15 Tagen muss eine Gebühr von 100 € entrichtet werden. Bei einer Kündigung ab 14 Tag vor Kursbeginn werden 50%, ab 7 Tage vor Kursbeginn 100% der Kosten fällig.

    Kurs buchen:
    Der Kurs wird per Mail bei mir gebucht.