Table Pictures

Schmimo’s apparent joy and talent in observation, which are reflected in the new Table Pictures of horizontal format, is at once both merciless and tongue-in-cheek humorous (…)

A typology of social behaviour unfolds before the viewers eyes, a panorama of vanities, resentments and love of life. Supported by the recurring basic design of composition, the faces vary between illustrative and caricatured typecasting on the one hand, and on the other hand the impression of immediate presence and human individuality (…)

One catches almost every kind of expression – distrustful, cheeky, provocative, aloof, open, even insolent, serene(…)

As for the technique, the paintings give the impression of having arisen from a single broad brush-stroke (…) Despite the variety in details, which continually break out above and below the colourbands like small scale elements (…) they appear to have emerged from a single mould. 

Stefan Hölscher, Art Academy Münster,
Excerpts from the opening speech


A Table

Table, becoming a counter, a confessional or a feasting place,
an ocean and a horizon, a boundary to infinity.
Table, dividing, joining together or confronting, recounting as well as listening.
Rising up proudly and standing like a column.
As loud as an exclamation mark, 
fluttering like a flag.
Secretly listening, whispering, coughing, laughing and crying.
Drawing the distinction between “on the surface” and “off the mark”, with or without.
Table, growing into a sea of inner images, and in so doing, completing the circle to the ocean.