Panoramic Scene

“… the so-called panoramic scenes (…) can be distinguished as such by their broad format. Figures and shapes appear from colour blocks and brushstrokes or melt into a river of colour. From the flow of emerging or dissolving figures and shapes the painter highlights with surgical precision what is typical or remarkable. We encounter the habitus of the wealthy, in whose posture we catch a momentary glimpse of the fragility and transience of human existence – a brief glance behind the scenes of the society game. In this case however, it is not a cruel viewpoint. Its hard edge is softened by an accompanying cheerful wink. S.M. develops a typology of social behaviour, such as may be seen in theatre foyers or champagne receptions, at cocktail parties or exhibition openings. Like a butterfly collector, she captures the most magnificent specimens in the net of her paintings.”

Stefan Hölscher, Kunstakademie Münster, 2014