“… Straight from life, like everything which originates from Schmimo’s paint box or inkwell! She has turned middle-class hypocrisy and self-delusion into a guiding theme. Three plump Graces with pouting lips, who have tried, and not succeeded, to “doll themselves up”, are just as much part of it as the varied line-up of corduroy-Casanovas, who adorn paper and canvas.

And the viewer can’t help having the suspicion that he himself may be a topic, when Schmimo plumbs the depths of hidden characteristics. Her many-dimensioned watercolours, in which she imparts characteristic solidity to her colourful blurring by applying a few ink strokes, are yet not the kind of bitterly cruel caricatures à la Manfred Deix. Even if at first glance the figures have some similarities. They are much too friendly in comparison. The artist with her visual acuity for what is human, doesn’t need photo-realism in order to portray reality…” .