Personal and artistic development
There are two topics with which Schmimo fascinates her spectators: Paper boats on the sea and tables. One hesitates. What is the connection between the two? The artist proves that there are many: the possibilities for expression are infinite, there are whole panoramas of movement; like the sea, the people around a table show many variations in behaviour and effect. The Table images, complex watercolours, allow closeness between people, at the same time creating distance between them. They tell people’s stories and bring relationships to light.
The Paperboat paintings are larger in format and in oil and acrylic. The blue-green of the water suggests a lighthearted atmosphere. The glimsy paper boats, without sail nor rudder nor engine, go with the movement of the sea, put up no resistance, need no strength, take over the rhythm of the waves- if they didn’t, they would quickly go under. A wonderful metaphor. Engine, sail, rudder – the artist equates these steering elements with expectations. (….) it is joyful anticipation, curiously, with which she consciously experiences the rhythm of life, the wind-calm moments and the storms of life, – with the knowledge, that the sea and life itself are infinite. Schmimo´s paintings are joyous, with a positive approach to life and at the same time, profound and light.